August 5, 2021

Digital Marketing – The best digital marketing agencies in the world

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agencies that we like
At MD we are not afraid of competition: good competitors inspire us and urge us to improve ourselves. In this article, we share a list of some of the international agencies that we like the most, nourish us with fresh ideas and expand our creative horizons. These agencies are our north and we love enriching ourselves with the diversity of cultures and surprising ourselves with the common points.


HUB09 is an Italian agency that was born in 2009 with a specialization in social networks and a strong brand culture. But they are not limited to social networks and branding: in addition to these services they offer web design, digital PR, strategies and creativity, social blogging, video production and media analysis. His slogan is “We are Italian, independent and optimistic.” Among its satisfied customers are Spotify, Kinder Bueno, Campari, Shell and TicTac.

❤️ What we liked most: his profile in social networks is fun and decontracted. They upload very good content related to digital culture.

Presence in social networks:

👍164k followers on Facebook

💬3.6k followers on Twitter

📸3k followers on Instagram


247GRAD is a German agency founded in 2010. They stand out as a young and innovative agency, with a very active profile in networks, especially Facebook. Its main services are social media marketing, web design and development, digital campaigns and performance marketing. They are Microsoft Partner and among their clients are Adidas, Zurich and Borgward.

❤️ What we liked best: in the presentation of the team include the photo of a dog that they introduce as «Coziness Manager» (manager of tenderness). This detail made us laugh and we found it witty.

Presence in social networks:

👍220k followers on Facebook

💬1.8k followers on Twitter

📸1.2k followers on Instagram


Big Youth Agency was founded in 2004 by David Mossaz and Ammin Youssouf in France. Today they have three offices, 100 employees and 29 awards. They offer services of the most varied, from social media to CRM, through brand content, production and technology, innovation and user experience. Your website is modern and elegant, with a layout of the original contents. Among its customers are Citroen, Ferrari and Universal Music.

❤️ What we liked most: the sophisticated and visually appealing design of the web. In addition, in the description of the agency they were encouraged to include a Spotify list: beautiful idea.

Presence in social networks:

👍2k followers on Facebook

💬1.9k followers on Twitter

📸500 Instagram Followers


Social Mood is a Catalan agency founded in 2008 by a group of young people passionate about marketing. Thanks to an excellent content writing, his blog 40defiebre has become one of the most important references of digital marketing in Spanish. Its web page has a sophisticated design and is written with a humorous and decontractured style, appealing to a young audience. They specialize in social networks, digital strategies and conversion. Among its clients are: Malibu, Pringles, L’oreal and Vichy.

❤️ What we liked most: for the presentation of success stories they choose attractive images and tell in detail the strategies they implemented, always with a touch of humor.

Presence in networks:

💬31,3k followers on Twitter

👍25k followers on Facebook

📸12k followers on Instagram


Bulldog Digital Media is a digital marketing agency located in London. Founded in 2013, it has a team of more than twenty specialized in SEO, PPC and conversion optimization. They offer their services to small and medium companies. They received the 2014 Essex Digital Award and were finalists in the Search Awards on four occasions. Among its satisfied customers are Hi-Tech and Global Guardians.

❤️ What we liked most: his YouTube series «Behind the Bulldog», where they share a little life in the agency and information about digital marketing.

Presence in networks:

💬11.2k followers on Twitter

👍4,9k followers on Facebook

📸1.5k followers on Instagram


Founded in 2008, Coal is an agency based in London with a second office in Birmingham. With the slogan “turning data facts into human truths” (converting factual data into human truths) his team of twenty employees specializes in web development, social media marketing, email marketing and SEO strategy. They have worked for companies such as WWF, Fish and Chips, Isuzu and Chanel.

❤️ What we liked most: persuasive and elegant writing.

Presence in networks:

💬3.1k followers on Twitter

👍688 followers on Facebook

📸304 Instagram followers on Instagram


Located in Los Angeles and founded in 2005, Thrive, as its name indicates, has prospered to accumulate offices in 24 cities, partnerships with Google, Bing and Mailchimp and more than forty awards. They offer services such as SEO, web design, social media marketing, PPC, video production, content writing, conversion optimization and email marketing. His clients include Nationwide Construction, J & B, Northline Express and Western Sport.

❤️ What we liked the most: his profile in networks is factual, committed, with his own design and publications exclusively related to the agency.

Presence in networks:

📸5.1k Instagram followers on Instagram

👍1.4k followers on Facebook

💬1.4k followers on Twitter


iProspect is a Japanese digital marketing agency founded in 2012 that today has 93 offices distributed in cities around the world. They are Google Premier Parner and Adwords Certified Partner and offer the services of social media management, conversion optimization, creative content, display, paid search and organic search, video, mobile strategy and data analysis. They have served clients of the likes of Hilton, Adidas, Kellogg’s, Mondelēz International and Burberry.

❤️ What we liked best: the disposition of success stories is clear, complete and visually appealing.

Presence in social networks:

👥91,6k LinkedIn followers

👍55.8k followers on Facebook

💬11.8k followers on Twitter


Overdose is an Australian agency with a young, risky and innovative profile. Founded in 2016, it has offices in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore and has a team of more than eighty employees specialized in strategy, technology, marketing and performance. They claim to be an “anti-agency agency, focused on strategically mapping our business objectives to tangible results through unique and disruptive strategies.” They have worked for Samsung, Ecostore, Fonterra, HBO and Cancer Council.

❤️ What we liked most: the presentation of the agency is one of the most original we have seen.

Presence in networks:

📸10k followers in Intagram

👍339 followers on Facebook


Paper Stone Scissors is an Australian agency, with a second office in Shanghai. They deal with areas as diverse as strategy, production, branding, design and digital development. Your website is elegant and focused on your work. They have served clients such as Coca-Cola Adidas, Crocs, Waldorf Astoria, Hugo Boss and Swarovski.

❤️ What we liked most: the presentation of their projects is visual and exhaustive. They also include a brief description of the objectives of each client, the solutions thought by the agency and the results obtained.

Presence in networks:

📸 3,6k followers on Instagram

👥2.8k LinkedIn followers

And we reached the end. Of course there are many excellent digital marketing agencies, but these are the ones that most caught our attention. Can you think of any other that deserves to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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