October 19, 2021

Google Search Console – New data report from Google Search Console

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console – On May 2, Google launched a new section in Search Console called “Improvements” or “Enhancements”: now we can access the information on structured data that the search engine recognizes on our website.

For now, Google Search Console offers 3 types of structured data:

Sitelinks SearchBox

This means that if in our website we work with structured data to offer more information to users in the search engine, Google tracks them and shows them in the report.

Structured Data Not Analysable

Another valuable information that Google brings to this report is the new Unparsable structured data section, which gives us information about what the search engine does NOT read on our site.

In our opinion, it is an excellent way to start improving our website based on what we offer (services, products, general information, etc.).

How Unparsable structured data works

When we start to add structured information based on Schema, we often overlook the analysis of these data through the Testing Tool to know if they are correct or if we have ignored something in the syntax.

It is also true that we can do all the necessary tests to corroborate that the structured data that we are adding to our website is correct. However, sometimes the implementation does not depend on us. Maybe a programmer or someone external is in charge of the implementation and that’s where errors occur.

How can we corroborate that the structured data is correct?

Once we publish structured data on a client’s website or their own, we must always verify that the information is correct and this could be done so far using the Testing tool we mentioned above.

However, now Google offers us an improved section in Google Search Console to know how the search engine is reading this information and in the case of errors, to be able to solve them.

Once we choose the property in which we are going to review the structured data, we should turn to “Unparsable structured data”:

We can click on any of the “Type” to display all the errors where we will see, on the one hand, the type of problem with the syntax of the code, the date on which Google discovered this problem and, just like if we inspected a URL, we can tell you that we fix it and review it.

Finally, Google shows us the exact url of the affected pages and allows us to review the structured data information that the search engine obtained from this specific page:

Now we can enter fully and review the HTML code of our site, see where Google has found the error and repair it.

Keep in mind that the search engine is not entirely specific with the errors of syntax it finds, in this case it tells us that a “,” or closing key “}” is missing in the sentence, and may be confusing, for what we should review the full structured data code and of course work comfortably from the structured data test tool of the same search engine.

Does structured data help position?

This question, we must introduce it in this article since it is the doubt of many professionals of web design, SEO, marketing, etc., and it is still going around.

In the words of the search engine, structured data is not a factor of web positioning, but does not mean that in the future it is … If Google gives us the ability to review this information and encourages us to work with structured data throughout our website, it is better to get down to work and not wait for a future update, this data will help position a website on Google.

In future articles, we will expand on Schema, structured data, structured data examples for local businesses, implementation through schema json-ld and more!

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