October 19, 2021

The 5 Marketing Tips for Successful Small Businesses

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The 5 Marketing Tips for Successful Small Businesses

Do you want to know Marketing Tips for Small Businesses? And what do small businesses do to sell more?

Well, the answer is the same for all small businesses, no matter the money order, the market, the location or its sales volume, they all need MARKETING. Everyone does it in some way, even if they do not know for sure what they call themselves daily: write appointments, call their clients, offer them a drink, place dressers, make promotions, etc. All this is MARKETING in some way, the important thing is to identify the efforts and join them to a general strategy.

I would recommend many things, depending on your current situation, but no matter where they are and how they are doing there are five things that should not be missing:

1. Corporate Image

Most human beings are “visual”, that is, we remember and better assimilate information when accompanied by “images”, which can be from a logo (Mcdonalds, Liverpool, American Express), an icon (the popcorn from Nike, Mac’s apple, Facebook’s F), to the same typeface (Coca-Cola, ITESM, Disney). The importance of this is that people “remind us”, “differentiate” us and of course “choose us”.

I recommend that you take your time in having a basic corporate image: a business name, a logo that identifies you; defined colors that, besides being for your logo, can be used for decorating your work space or premises, for your uniform or material; It is also important to choose a specific typeface, there are many free, choose one and use it in all your documents and formats.

All this will cause UNIFORMITY and IDENTITY. If customers get used to their “image” it will be easier for them to recommend and reference them. And most importantly, your customer’s perception will be that they are in a serious business that takes care of the details. Remember “love is born from sight” and “the first impression is what counts”.

2. Know the Customer.

The better you know the people you treat on a daily basis and the ones you sell them services or products that your BUSINESS DEFINITIVELY depends on, the greater the possibilities of meeting their needs in advance, knowing what they want, how they want it and when they want it .

This is the beginning of the “service” chain. We can do this through observation and registration, through periodic surveys or simply through a registration form that you can ask them to fill out the first time you visit them.

What do we want to know about our client? It depends on the type of business in question, for example if it were a Beauty Salon with a service of cuts, dyes, nails, facials, massages and hair removal, we would be interested to know which of these services you use and when and where.

We could also ask about your brand preference, your available hours to visit us, among others. ASK your CLIENT and you will see how easy it is to ATTEND HIM better and therefore, SELL him better.

 3. Customer Service.

This is the KEY to any business, today with so much competition in all the turns, the truth is that the little that distinguishes them from each other is THE WAY YOU TREAT THE CUSTOMER.

A client initiates his “brand experience” with you from the first moment he meets you. Everything you do will mean something to your client or prospect:
if you smile at him, if you do not say hello, if you talk rudely, if you are punctual, if you are kind, etc.

If you achieve in your business that your client feels “special”, “important” and “unique, there is no way to fail YOU WILL RETURN and also RECOMMEND.

A basic tip in marketing is that a “very satisfied” client recommends you 3 to 5 times with someone, but a “dissatisfied” client does not recommend you “more than 10 times.

Besides that it is cheaper to retain a client than to attract new ones, since a happy customer with your service will undoubtedly get you more clients.

4. Customer Administration.

Well this is extremely important in marketing and the better you get it, the better your results will be:
YOU MUST ADMINISTER TO YOUR CLIENTS, that is, you must keep a log of each of your clients: what they buy, each time, what products or services they use most, when their next visit is or should be, when is their birthday, to whom he has recommended you, what are his interests, his general information (telephone, colony, email), what he works on, what he likes to read, drink or eat, etc. (Much of this information can be obtained as indicated in point No. 2)

This helps us to be able to follow up the client and not to let him visit us for long periods of time, it also helps us to keep him informed of promotions about his favorite products or services; so that when you visit us we can serve you faster and in a more personalized way, etc.

The usefulness of this is INFINITE.
You do not need large systems to carry this out, although there are, but I only recommend them for medium or large companies. In the case of small businesses can take this “customer management” from your Outlook, up to an Excel sheet.
There are some free softwares specialized in certain business sectors (aesthetics, hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies) that can download from the internet.

If they do not have a computer they DO NOT WORRY, they can do it through “Files”, cards by clients in which they will keep their records.

5. Generate VALUE.

Finally I leave to the best recommendation of all: GIVE THE CUSTOMER MORE THAN YOU ASK FOR. Dalé VALOR at your service, this is that if you know your client well you know what their needs and tastes are, because through this information give him something more, something that he does not ask you, but that you know will be useful.

Example: Going back to the Aesthetics, send them a monthly “Bulletin” of beauty tips, give them a Discount Card for 5 or more visits, associate with a nearby toy library so you can leave your children there while you are with you, ANYTHING THAT ADDS VALUE and that SURPRISES your client.

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